An aspen grove is a good metaphor for Christ’s church and we love to emphasize being rooted in Christ!
An aspen grove is one organism and individual aspen trees spread by means of its roots. Each tree lives for a time above ground, but the root system of the colony is very long-lived, sending up new trees, eventually covering hundreds of acres. And aspens are able to survive fires because these roots are below the heat of the fire, and new sprouts can grow from the roots. Like the church, aspen groves can actually thrive despite fiery trials!
AspenGrove Fellowship is a lively and growing church in Boulder County, Colorado. 
We have recently moved from our previous location and are currently meeting as a home fellowship as we search out other locations. Our worship service starts at 10:30 a.m. Please email us about locations and service dates.  Kids are welcome in our worship services.  Children’s ministries from birth to kindergarten are available during the worship service.  Dress is “come as you are.” Anything from shorts to tuxedos is acceptable. God doesn’t care, and neither do we :)

​We are helping our sister church in Nepal own a space, building or land where they can freely worship together. Renting a space for a church is often hard there because of prejudices against Christians. The church also reaches out to poor children who cannot get an education by giving them supplies and some financial means to go to school.

*Make sure to designate your donation to "church in Nepal"
*Note that credit & debit card donations have a 3%+$.30 charge, and checking account ACH have a .75%+$.30 charge reduced from the amount you donate.
*All donations are tax exempt and you will recieve a receipt via email
The following statement of what we believe along with other information about how we organize our church is contained in the AspenGrove Fellowship Constitution.